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Chattanooga State Technical Community College

Statistics II, Prof. Azar Raiszadeh

Covenant College

Cumulative GPA: 3.3
Honors: Maclellan Scholar (2000-Present)
Majors: B.A. in Information & Computer Science, B.A. in Philosophy.
Key classes Rhetoric, Calculus II, Stastical Methods (from University of Tennessee-Knoxville), Discrete Mathematics (from Oklahoma Weslyan University), Philosophy of Math, Formal Logic, Philosophy of Science, Advanced Computer Programming Methodology, Computer Organization, Programming Languages.
Software Engineering.
Club MembershipsStudent Member, Covenant College ACM Student Chapter Member, Covenant College Philosophy Club Member

Torchbearer Bible School Yamanakako

Graduate, 2003
Completed a culturally-immersive seven-week summer course covering subjects from the Bible, as well as Japanese history, religions, culture, and language.

American Christian School of Bartlesville

Graduate with Honors, 2000
Honor Roll, 1996-2000.
Student Council Vice President, 1997-1998.
Student Council President, 1998-1999.
Student Council Chaplain, 1999-2000.

Employment Experience

Application Developer, Miller & Martin PLLC

Summer 2004-Present
Responsibilities & Accomplishments Delivered line-of-business applications to major stakeholders of the firm's business. Assisted in all aspects of analysis, design, and coding of a full rewrite of an in-house, three-tier Client-Resource-Management software. Utilized technologies such as Microsoft Office Managed-Code Add-ins, T-SQL, ASP.NET, C#, and VB.NET to provide custom-fit solutions to business needs. Gained an excellent grounding in requirements specification, object-oriented design/programming praxis, and code-foo.

Resident Assistant, Covenant College

Fall 2003-Spring 2004
Responsibilities & Accomplishments Successfully interfaced between the Student Development Office and the student residents of 2nd South, Carter Hall by communicating the big picture of living in an designed, contracted community and enforcing practical concerns regarding and living conditions. Unified thirty-seven diverse residents into an intentional group of men that respected differences while uniting in celebration and support of each other.

Editor in Chief, The Bagpipe

Fall 2002-Spring 2003
Responsibilities & Accomplishments As Editor in Chief of the Covenant College student newspaper, I was responsible for creating and sustaining a worthy, accurate, engaging, and intelligent bi-weekly newspaper, targeted to and funded by the student body. In charge of a news staff consisting of sixteen-odd people from diverse backgrounds and differing views, I both managed the staff and harmonized the many opinions into a coherent news product. I was also the art director for the newspaper, responsible for the look of every issue as well as the actual graphic production, with assistance. Contact Cliff Foreman, faculty advisor, Justin Johnson, News Editor

Pine Cove Camps

Summer 2002
Responsibilities & Accomplishments Wild Woods (Grade school) kids Counselor, Ski Instructor, and Lifeguard. Led, taught, and played with groups of 5-10 kids as a member of a twenty-odd Counselor team. Drove boats for and instructed in elementary water sports such as water skiing, wakeboarding, and kneeboarding as a Ski Instructor. As a Lifeguard, Red Cross certified in Lifeguarding and First Aid, worked with a six-person team to ensure complete pool safety.
Contact Jeff Suggs

Pendergraphics Design Group

Summer 1999 - Summer 2001
Responsibilities & Accomplishments Intern (Summer 1999), Production Designer (1999), and Web Developer (2000 on). Brought a successful design firm into the digital age as their chief web developer. Lead numerous projects from conception to design to final implementation. See portfolio below for an example project.
Contact Matt Pendergraff, Brent Colaw

Covenant College A/V Services

Spring 2001
Responsibilities & Accomplishments Run sound and video for various college functions during the school year.
Contact Rebecca Dodson, Jeff Larson

Pine Cove Camps

Summers, 1997-1998
Responsibilities & Accomplishments "Yahoo!" was a member of Timothy Team (Summer 1997) and a Kids Camp Counselor (Summer 1998)

;) inc Consulting

Responsibilities & Accomplishments Started my own small consulting firm focused on computer hand-holding and technical, at-home support. Made my own cool business cards, met some nice people, generated extra cash.

Professional Skills & Credentials

Foreign Languages

Conversant in Spanish and Classical Greek

Computer Languages Fluent in VB.NET, C#, T-SQL, Javascript, HTML, XHTML, and CSS; conversant in Java, C, ML, XML, MySQL
Computer Programs Fluent in Visual Studio.NET, Visual Source Safe, and Adobe Photoshop. Coversant in the rest of the Adobe Design Suite, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Apple ProjectBuilder, SubEthaEdit, emacs, and Maya.
Professional Memberships ACM/p>


Covenant College Bagpipe, Fall 2002-Spring 2004

Responsibilities Art Director and Editor in Chief, creative, design, and editorial responsibility of ten 12-page issues of the bi-weekly student newspaper.
Download Issue 9, Issue 7

NukeKepler, Spring 2003

Responsibilities As a member of an ad-hoc five-person team, led design and assisted in programming for a portal concept targeted at Covenant College students and associated groups. The portal, built using open-source PHP-Nuke software with XML and MySQL, features a single login page for multiple IIS password-protected servers, personalized news and weather, and a built-in documentation system. Done as part of the class requirements for ICS375, Software Engineering.
Contact Professor Randy D. Smith, Instructor, Craig Bosma, WDK Team Leader.

Covenant College Tartan, Spring 2002

Responsibilities Assistant Layout Editor, creative and design on the "Hall" pages of the college yearbook, a ~33 page spread.
Contact Em Clutcher

Covenant College Bagpipe, Fall 2001 and Spring 2002

Responsibilities Assistant Layout Editor, responsible for select pages of the official, independent college newspaper.
Contact Aaron Mesh, Editor, Summer 2001, Pendergraphics Design Group

Responsibilities Lead UI and graphic designer. Integrated the website look and feel with other collateral to form a tightly unified website focused on recruiting prospective students. Other responsibilities included back-end ASP programming and administrative tools programming.
Contact Matt Pendergraff, Becky Casselberry, Winter 2000, Pendergraphics Design Group

Responsibilities After presenting several mockup concepts for the new, I implemented my Art Director's mockup. Lead HTML programming and debugging.
Contact Matt Pendergraff

Bartlesville Area History Museum, Winter 2000, Pendergraphics Design Group

Responsibilities A destination site for those interested in the wild-west-and-big-oil history of the Bartlesville area. Includes on-line exhibits, downloadable pdfs, and loads of other information. Lead site design and coding. In particular, this site required an extensive focus on information design and presentation.

Arts Encounter, Summer 1999

Accomplishments Completed a three-week intensive, introductory course in photography theory geared for high school students. Some of my work was exhibited at the summer's end Arts Encounter showcase. Online photos forthcoming.