This semester, I'm at Covenant College, Carter Hall, Second South, 212 with my boy David Macey

The Hall page is crazy. However, don't let the freshmen scare you. South is blessed with an incredibly diverse, yet friendly hall this year.

Chimichaunga Riders 2001 Fall Season: The Back-to-Back Intramural Soccer Champion Saga

Riders vs. Ghetto: 5-0
Riders vs. 2C Pretty Boys: 2-1
Riders vs. Los Super Campeones: 1-0
Riders vs. Mmm...Haggis: 0-1 :(
Riders vs. Rainbow 16: 1-1
Riders vs. Catacombs: forfieted by Catacombs...fear.
Quarter: Riders vs. Los Super Campeones: 3-2
Finals: Riders vs. Ghetto: 3-1

Chimichaunga Riders: your Covenant College Intrualmural Indoor Soccer 2001 Champions!

download the Chimichaunga Riders 2001 Championship Saga POSTER COLLECTION:
The First Poster
Finals Collection: One
Finals Collection: Two
Finals Collection: Three

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