Since you're here, you might be interested by my blog, Barely Legal Substance. I address my life, chattanooga, philosophy, software, science, and sundries. You may also like to see some of my recent photography on flickr, or perhaps my linkblog. In other news, marital bliss continues. You may email the (still happy) couple.


Note the new wedding page.


Eight months isn't so bad...In the mean, mean time, there's an engagement, a new employer, a graduation, several relocations, a new roomate, and a new-to-me ride. Besides those links, I'll be posting several papers from last semester (the last of my undergrad stack!), adding in a wedding portal (yes, it will be a portal ;), and possibly beginning a blog or two. Because it's just good professional practice. Note a few subtle changes, like my new Location on the left, and my new email address on the right.


Having finished my SIP, and so having nothing left to prove to the world, I promptly attempted to end my life by going cliff-jumping in Hawaii. Lots of blood, but no permanent harm done, providentially. This means, of course, that I am still alive enough to post my Senior Integration Paper in all its thirty-odd page glory. I've also commented on Stewart Shapiro's position on Structuralism in philosophy of mathematics.

Think all this writing is great? Come May 7th, I can become your employee! Happy head-hunting.


Ohio gozimas. From the land of smaller and cuter, I quietly present three new papers from my spring 2003 semester. For Philosophical Ethics, I examined the moral system of the Harry Potter movies, and decided that it is a very sophisticated and praiseworthy representation of real life. What should a Christian think about the implications of Chaos theory? The God of Irreducible Complexity addresses that question. Finally, a review of the classic "serious" graphic novel, Maus: A Survivor's Story.

Have you ever wandered through old writings, pictures, stories, drawings of days past? Then you'll understand the amusement and delight that the funny punk guy pictured gives me.


Much to update on. I'm 20,000 feet over Nebraska right now, on my way to Japan for two months of study-abroad at the Torchbearer Bible School Yamananako.
My resume has been updated for all you future employers, and some soonish point in time will find me posting a couple of papers from this semester, including an examination of the ethical system at work in the Harry Potter series.


My project de juer last semester, A Humble Hermeneutic for Covenant Students, now graces the site with its presence.


It's taken me six months, but I've put up my Pine Cove 2002 pictures. All you Woods staff and campers can enjoy candid shots of my favorite moments and people. The pixelly-goodness was published to the web using my new .mac account.

As the two people who visit this website regularly (you know who you are) might have noticed, version 3.0 of my little website is here, shamelessly and legally ripped from bluerobot.com. For fun and profit, this site is now done entirely in html 4 strict, using css to enforce the seperation of form from content.


I've got a few new papers to post, as well as a redesign to accomplish, over this Christmas break. Don't hold me to it.


Four new papers, the fruits of this semester's labors, are now up. Eerily, they all address similar topic. To understand why, read Douglas Hoftstadter's Godel, Escher, Bach.

The first paper is a look at the way postmodernism has affected metamathematics and metalogic.
The second paper discusses the specific implications of Godel's Theorum in the area of metalogic.
My third paper attempts to develop a biblical ontology for AI.
Lastly, the fourth paper advances the argument that the Turing Test is, contrary to common opinion, a very strong test for intelligence.


My resume is now online. Future employers rejoice.


"Contrapasso" in Dante's Inferno and in Se7en // essay

In Spring 2001 I visited Honduras, CA with a group of kids from my college, along with our president. I put together a trip page for kicks. // photographs


I had forgotten about this pixely-goodness site. Sometimes less polish is more meaningful. Bonus points for the Mr. Roboto fixation. // link


A Christian Critique of David Hume's Doctrine of Necessity // essay

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