Older "Often" Updates


Those crazy freshman kids. I'm in Room 212 for you curious ones.
Sometime soon I'll upload some Honduras pix and thoughts from this past summer.


Visit seanbaby.com's revision of the AFI's 100 Funniest films of all time:


weichbrodt.org 1.0 is now up. Rejoice, good Christian men! A litnay of new features are now propagated throughout the site—by all means interact with them.

You must start recieving Mr. Charles Colsons Breakpoint email broadcast. Although his theology is not quite up to a good Presbyterian snuff, he is doing more to spread the Augustian-Calvin-Kuyperian worldview to evangelical Christians than anyone else out there. That, and he is right most of the time.

email Dave and tell him that he needs to amend his sleeping patterns.
why is he rubbing off on me?